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Tonightʻs class session was informative, however, it also put me in a state of anxiety about the 2012 TCC Online Conference next week! I am preparing for my graduate presentation and am suddenly feeling nervous, concerned, and doubtful! I plan to practice, practice, and practice over the next three days in preparation for my rehearsal presentation this Thursday.  Of course, Iʻll practice again before my actual conference presentation next Tuesday.

I am excited about participating in the conference as a presenter and an attendee. There are many presentations to choose from. One of my strategies is to read through the list of topics in order to make thoughtful choices of which presentations to attend. I also hope to access recordings of presentations that I may miss. Abstracts of the papers are provided which will help me get an overall idea of what to expect.

Iʻll try my best! If you are available, feel free to attend my presentation next Tuesday, April 17th at 6:30 p.m. in Track 1.  Here is a link for more details (youʻll need to page down a bit to find my name). 

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