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And we’re off…!!!! It’s Fall 2011 and the first week of school has begun. For the next 16 weeks, I will be challenged with learning, retaining, and applying various forms of educational technology for three different courses. In this course, ETEC 652D, class is held in a virtual world called Second Life (SL). The purpose of this course is to examine, discover, and experience the opportunities available in utilizing virtual worlds for teaching and learning.

My avatar name is Puamelia. My limited virtual world experience was exhibited in our first class session because I had difficulty sitting exactly on a cushion. I had mastered the art of changing outfits, walking, flying, etc…but NOT sitting. LOL, not to worry, I’ve already made good progress since then. I am excited about this course because I am interacting with the class in a way that I have not done before. It adds another component as a tool to an e-learning community other than IM, e-mail, discussion forums, Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate Live!) and more. It can benefit as a synchronous or asynchronous tool. It is exciting because SL is social networking in a whole new world.  

Our first assignment was a scavenger hunt activity. It was fun!! I met with two other classmates and we decided to travel the virtual world together in search of the items on our scavenger hunt list.  Here is a photo of myself at one of the SL simulations (sim). This was my first stop. I am at the International Society of Technology (ISTE) sim looking over my shoulder at the ISTE Island Event Calendar.
Second Life - ISTE sim
I visited educational technology, famous world landmark re-creation, and fun and recreation/leisure-oriented sims. In particular, I enjoyed the rides at the Prim Hearts Amusement Park. Let’s see where this journey takes me…I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, please enjoy more SL photos below.

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