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WOW! What a wealth of diverse information. If you have not yet attended any of the sessions, you are missing out on a great opportunity. I implore you to make time for 2012 TCC Online Conference. There are more sessions today and tomorrow. Please take advantage of them! 

We are currently on day two of the conference and I am still feeling the excitement generated from day one! I was able to participate in several sessions. Here is a list of presentation topics for sessions I attended with links to the pages where you can easily access the recordings and discussion forums:

All of the presentations provided valuable information pertaining to their respective topics. I learned something new at each session.

One topic that stood out for me included the systematic but reasonably easy way for evaluating Websites using the CRAAP test. CRAAP stands for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose. With an overwhelming amount of open source information available to instructors and learners, we must be mindful about qualifying sources used to support our academic endeavors.

Another topic that stood out for me included Dr. Eva Dobozyʻs presentation on LAMS (Learning Activity Management System). This learning system strategically sequences learning activities in a social constructivist learning environment. In this session, the emphasis on teaching students to develop their critical thinking skills really caught my attention. Critical thinking is an important skill and can be applied in every area of our lives.

The highlight of my day was also the source of some personal anxiety. I presented my masterʻs research entitled “Information Literacy for Electronic Resources.” Despite having laryngitis, I was able to present and received wonderful feedback and comments. Please visit my session page to access a recording of my presentation and to participate in a discussion forum on my topic.

You can also view my published storify about the conference. 
Enjoy the rest of the conference!!

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