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We are on day 3 of the conference and I am only now posting a reflection for day 2!! I have been attending great sessions and found the time slipping away faster than I could manage. The quality of information has been refreshing and enlightening. Here is a list of presentation topics for sessions I attended with links to the pages where you can easily access the recordings and discussion forums:
The session by Jason G. Caudill, PhD posed a question about using OpenCourseWare (OCW) and Open Education Resources (OER) as a means to encourage learning outcomes with credentials. I feel this can be used in educational and business contexts. This is definitely a topic I plan to learn more about. 

It is exciting to see my fellow graduate candidates doing such a great job in sharing their research data and mini-online course projects.

Okay, back to day 3 for me….more to come! Donʻt forget the Mayan Temple Treasure Hunt in Second Life. I hope to experience that 

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