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Microblogging can be an effective tool in an educational context. There are several useful reasons Twitter can be a beneficial microblogging tool. One example involves using Twitter as a quick and easy communication tool for instructors and students to build learning communities. Real-time information pertaining to assignments, class schedules, and hot topics can be distributed efficiently via Twitter. Another example involves furthering a discussion that would normally end when synchronous sessions end. A learning community can debate, advocate, dissuade, or simply share about course-related topics long after class ends. Since technology is dynamic and continually changing, course discussions could also be dynamic while engaging learners beyond the classroom (virtual or F2F) environment. Learners can become curators of significant information anytime, anywhere. Microblogging can be accomplished via mobile devices and its interactive and convenient nature of can enhance learning experiences.

Three specific reasons to support Twitter as a useful tool in an educational context.  A micro and macro perspective:

Hashtags can be utilized to target a specific audience.
Micro - Students enrolled in a course
Macro - All who are interested in the same topic, field, industry.

Hashtags can be utilized to manage specific information.
Micro - Query course content, course discussion thread
Macro - Query relevant topics in a specific field, industry, and query discussion threads in a specific topic, field or industry.

Social and professional networking to acquire new knowledge about educational technology and trends.
Micro – build learning community amongst students and instructor
Macro – expand your reach by networking with others interested in the same topics, field, or industry to acquire more and new knowledge 

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