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I spent most of the first week of school in bed with sinus issues that required antibiotics, ugh. I don’t remember the last time I felt so ill. BUT, I am beginning to feel better and am looking forward to catching up with the rest of my peers.

Our first assignment was to produce a media piece introducing a classmate. I decided to use Slide Rocket, a free online presentation tool that I have not used before. It is quite user friendly with useful features. I was able to create a slideshow presentation, add transitions, and add audio. I feel this is a great tool that can be effectively used for educational purposes. Here is the link to my presentation.

1/22/2012 03:07:50 pm

Hey Laureen,
I was so sick in the beginning of the semester too! Glad we are both feeling better. Your introduction for Fil was very cool. I liked the superhero theme, very creative.
I have tried out Slide Rocket too and I only have one complaint, it takes a little bit of time for the slideshows to load. It is not a huge deal but I wouldn't want to open a Slide Rocket presentation in front of my audience... gotta have it all cued up and ready to go. Anyway, other than that, it was an easy program to use and I like the audio features.
Good luck this semester! I look forward to trying out new tools like this.


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