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One of our assignments for last week included a group effort for preparing a proposal for a class assignment for this course. I was impressed at the creative ideas expressed by all of the groups. One team proposed an assignment that challenges us to examine potential positive and negative effects of student learning with video games. Another team proposed mapping out an evacuation route in the event of a tsunami using Google maps and a social media tool such as Instagram.  

This week we will work in groups again to explore cloud computing. It seems the more I read about cloud computing the more I realize its potential, both positive and negative. For the most part, I feel the positive outweighs the negative in most cases. I am reminded that when designing instruction, it is important to stick to fundamentals in order to assure tools are used to enhance instruction, not replace it. It’s important to remember the assessment and analyzing part of your design process. Our team meets tomorrow to discuss our position and to formulate a statement. We have other ideas of how to convey our findings beside the basic write up that is required. Stay tuned!
2/5/2012 11:36:37 am

Aloha Laureen,

Like you I also noticed that the positives of cloud computing outweigh the negatives. I did think about the negatives more in-depth though. I am left wondering how cloud services are sure that the information we leave in their databases are secure. I'm also left wondering how reliable internet services really are as it is the one component necessary for cloud computing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject.


2/5/2012 02:35:28 pm

I also have the same reservations about Cloud storage and internet, mainly due to shoddy connections at both my previous and current residence. I agree with Laureen though that overall it is a pretty good system, especially if you are working with a team. Still though, all of my important documents are stored in a number of ways and I try to keep paper copies.


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