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The movie Iron Man does an excellent job of illustrating the benefits of gesture-based computing (GBC), particularly from an engineering perspective. This week’s assignment challenged us to imagine and describe, in approximately 250 words, a learning scenario which utilizes this very concept. I teamed up with a cohort colleague, Ross Uedoi, and we discussed various benefits in educational contexts. In fact, we agreed that architectural engineering could benefit significantly from GBC.

We imagined college students in an architectural engineering program and working in teams using problem-based learning (PBL) to analyze historical and current data to forecast, plan, and design future development in a rapidly growing city. GBC in a 3D learning environment would provide an immersive and collaborative real-world scenario for the students to simulate their projects by literally demonstrating past, present, and future city plans with overlays. This mixed-reality learning environment enables intuitive, innovate, and creative ideas to be examined and tested.

How would you use GBC in an educational context?  

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