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Access to music, videos, academic papers, and information are easy because of digital files and technology. In fact, obtaining such files can be so easy that most people disregard copyright laws. Tonight’s class prompted a great discussion about intellectual property and copyrights within an educational context. The duration of a copyright exists for the life of the author plus 70 years ("Copyright law of," 2010, p. 133). A common misconception includes the idea that copyrights are valid for 70 years only. However, several other rules apply in various scenarios and it is important to clarify this information when considering the use of copyrighted material. Generally, no more than 10 seconds of music or video can be used or published. Anything more than that without permission is considered copyright infringement. Despite copyright laws, the massive amount of users and content of the Internet makes it extremely difficult to manage. In my opinion, business models should adapt to utilize emerging technologies in a beneficial way for all parties involved; artists, distributors, and consumers. Do you download or share free music or movies? It may be wise to familiarize yourself with current copyright laws.

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