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What a great discussion in class tonight! One classmate likened the brainstorm session as a, “category 5 hurricane of ideas.” LOL! We discussed the Internet of Things (IoT) and how we could utilize this emerging technology in an educational context. The IoT refers to an intelligent intercommunication process between smart devices connected via the Internet to gather and relay data. For example, radio frequency identification (RFID) gives any object a virtual identity that can be used for a variety of purposes. Smart phones with applications designed for specific purposes serve as objects for IoT. With Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), the amount of traffic for users and unique addresses is almost limitless.   

Several ideas were shared and I was happy to hear the ingenuity of my classmates’ ideas. Some ideas included using IoT to track and replenish school supplies, creating a database that catalogs user identification (students, faculty, etc.) with appropriate levels of Internet use within a school system, measuring and recording PE students progress for applicable class activities, and more.  

Thinking about the IoT is somewhat conflicting for me. I feel excited and confused about the possibilities. I am excited because I can grasp using IoT for familiar and new purposes. At the same time, I am confused because it seems like an extremely large potential of possibilities beyond what my mind can fathom. Anyway, time and technology waits for no one, it certainly won’t wait for me!! I guess I’d better try and keep up. 

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