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The focus of tonight’s session was sounds, scripts, and animations. Class started out great because we visited New Hope Sound Garden. It was relaxing, no voice chat, just the sound of a fireplace crackling, crickets in the grass, mice running across the wood floor, bees, and more. The aural experience certainly enhanced my experience at this sim. The sounds really added to the visual beauty of the garden. I was also reminded of how important it is to consider audio elements when designing a sim to create an immersive environment. The good news is, our group has already begun to include sound effects to our instructional unit. With tonight’s build activities, we now have a better idea of how to accomplish this. Here is a photo of me at the garden.

Puamelia at New Hope Sound Garden in Second Life
Okay, on the other hand, my build skills were less than satisfactory tonight!! I was frustrated because I did not complete the student greeter activity. I also did not do a very good job with the animated ice cream activity. Sigh…this means I will be spending extra time in SL to make sure I catch up with the rest of the class. AARRGGHH! Whew, I feel better now that I’ve had a chance to vent, lol.

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