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Puamelia with gift bag
In our second session of SL, I noticed that my avatar classmates had changed their outfits from the week before. I wondered, "Did they spend as much time as I did buying free clothes in various sims?" It was nice to see and chat with them again. We are all feeling a little more confident about navigating the basics of SL. I enjoy the learning experience but am experiencing nausea in the process. I think the vivid colors and movement triggers a sense of motion sickness. 

Most of the session involved learning the basics of the build function. After doing a few exercises, we spent time working on our class activity...building a gift bag! It is not as easy as most would think. I quickly learned that precision, patience, and a careful eye is required to line up the pieces correctly. I'll definitely need time outside of class sessions to hone the skills of building. In fact, there is so much to learn that I forgot to take my gift bag and place it in my folder. I received an e-mail informing me that my TA put it in my lost and found folder. Too funny!

A funny incident happened during our building exercises, the roof floor disappeared out from under us and I suddenly found myself on the ground floor of the building. We were atop of the roof and someone deleted the floor by accident. I sure hope it wasn't me!! Stay tuned for more adventures in SL.
9/12/2011 11:53:23 am

The class session certainly was an adventure! First the roof disappearing, then I lost the bag Dr. Peter gave me. In actuality, it appears that Adam in "cleaning up" sent it back to me. So, I actually did have a bag, and I did take it out, but then I couldn't find it. Nonetheless, I felt very stressed in not being able to participate in the bag modifying exercise. But at least I was able to make my own bag and Adam was nice enough to work with me after class to complete the activity I missed. Of course it was then that I learned about the "Lost & Found" folder in my inventory. Did you ever think we'd have so much adventure in one class? LOL


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