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Whew!!! Tonight’s session included several activities which will help us with our final projects. My team is beginning to brainstorm on ideas. We are collaborating in a Google doc and I have included an outline of components for the instructional design process to help us along. I also included an outline of what the module may include. My brain had hit a wall for ideas so I decided to lay down a foundation. I needed to feel productive. The goal is to understand the many tools available in SL for instructional purposes and apply them in a systematic way for an effective outcome.

We practiced integrating Web content into SL, creating slideshows, and making a book. The job aids help tremendously and makes the learning process easier. All in all, I did a pretty good job. The funny thing is, I was so engrossed with the learning that I forgot to take a picture! Oh well, I’ll try to remember next time. Here are a few pictures from past SL visits…enjoy!

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