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Dr. Peter showing us how to organize textures.
Session 6 was fun, challenging, informative…all in all, a growing experience. We played a game of Primtionary. It’s similar to Pictionary with a twist. Instead of drawing pictures for clues, we “build” the clue using prims in SL. We were randomly split into two teams and each team took turns at giving clues. Unfortunately, my team lost by one point. Still, it was fun and challenged our building skills. It is a great tool for reinforcing what we have learned. Obliteron, Kuni, and Wailuamama were brave enough to give clues. They did a fantastic job!

We visited two sims that would be very helpful for building our project. I have added them to my landmarks folder for future reference. We also did two activities; creating our own textures and creating a materials dispenser. The activities were not that difficult, again, the key thing to remember is lining up the prims specifically. I will need more practice, much more practice LOL!! Sometimes, I feel a bit anxious about what I need to learn. Let’s hope I continue to improve with my SL skills. I’ll keep trying…

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