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We learned about sky building and teleports. When designing and building sims with multi-levels or multi-areas, teleport systems are a great way to make it easy for SL residents to move around. We discussed the advantages of creatively using teleport systems. Dr. Peter mentioned building an elevator in a building with several floors. When the SL resident enters and presses a specified button, the teleport simulates an elevator ride. I thought of how a teleport could be used in an airplane. The passengers sit in a seat within the fuselage and the teleport simulates a plane ride. The build activity was not bad at all which makes this function an easy one to include in a sim.

Everyone arrived at class in costumes and WOW, there were some great costumes! Brooklyn Ferris was a sushi, Kuni was Po from the movie Kung Fu Panda, jsk88 was a Japanese ronin, and so many more. We held a contest and cast our votes for the best costumes. Kahea Neopolitan and I decided to team up and add a Hawaiian twist to Adam and Eve. We created clothing and added a leaf texture and wore lei. Kahea created a male avatar to represent Wakea and I created a female avatar to represent Papa. Wakea represents the sky father and Papa represents the earth mother in Hawaiian mythology. The good news is…we won a prize for our costume! The reward was L$100!!

Here is a photo of our costumes.

Wakea & Papa sit under a tree

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