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I have always been a firm believer that knowledge acquisition exponentially grows when we examine other perspectives, ideas, and work. I feel that others significantly contribute to my learning experiences when I am privileged to observe colleagues and more important, receive feedback from them.

We visited builds by students in Norway tonight. We were asked to critically review their work using criteria pertaining to delivering education in SL. While visiting three different projects, I was inspired to make improvements to our project. One major issue that I experienced was the inability to move my avatar. A few others were experiencing difficulty as well. It was so severe that I had to ask my team to teleport me to each project, LOL. I wonder if the increased amount of avatars in the area affected movement? I was able to move freely when I returned to our parcel in COE. On a positive note, our team took notes on ways we could improve our project and we will try our best. A hui hou!

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