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A key feature of Twitter, in my opinion, is the limited amount of characters allowed for each post. This microblogging strategy provides a convenient way for me to read content which gives me just enough information to determine if I want to pursue more. It saves me valuable time! In an educational context, short content, along with hashtags, streamline research in a more focused method.

Networking and real-time communication are essential in learning communities. Twitter can meet these needs. Teachers and students can communicate and receive critical information while on the go. In fact, I find myself somewhat absorbed in many of the Tweets posted by my peers. My field of learning expands significantly by what my peers are sharing and I have learned much more with this social learning technique. It is beneficial for everyone and I feel encouraged and comfortable to share information that I deem worthy of sharing.

I have found that Twitter also provides a foundation for me to participate in several social learning communities at the same time! For example, when I discover an interesting article, I share the information with my followers with a tweet. If one of my followers retweets the article, then more are able to read the article. It is an easy way to share educational content in an exponential way.

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