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The objective of this blog is to journalize my experiences and thoughts in ETEC 622, eLearning Theory & Design. I hope my fellow classmates will share with me their experience and thoughts as well. I would love to receive feedback on my blog posts. It is always enlightening to share different perspectives and gain new understanding from others. 

E-mail, blogs, and tweets! These are the main topics covered in our first synchronous session. Recent developments in technology have enabled web-based delivery of instruction. Additionally, computer-based communication tools can augment an online learning environment. We will be exploring the use of these tools to gain insight for designing effective strategies for delivering instruction via the web.

We have a great group of students! Dr. Bert randomly assigned the class to smaller groups to discuss online learning. Our group had a stimulating discussion about various components necessary to succeed in online learning; including careful planning for different learning styles and more. I enjoy learning from my peers and appreciate the different perspectives they bring to our discussions.

I look forward to a great semester!   

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