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The objective of this blog is to journalize my experiences and thoughts in ETEC 622, eLearning Theory & Design. I hope my fellow classmates will share with me their experience and thoughts as well. I would love to receive feedback on my blog posts. It is always enlightening to share different perspectives and gain new understanding from others. 

E-mail, blogs, and tweets! These are the main topics covered in our first synchronous session. Recent developments in technology have enabled web-based delivery of instruction. Additionally, computer-based communication tools can augment an online learning environment. We will be exploring the use of these tools to gain insight for designing effective strategies for delivering instruction via the web.

We have a great group of students! Dr. Bert randomly assigned the class to smaller groups to discuss online learning. Our group had a stimulating discussion about various components necessary to succeed in online learning; including careful planning for different learning styles and more. I enjoy learning from my peers and appreciate the different perspectives they bring to our discussions.

I look forward to a great semester!   

8/31/2011 04:54:56 am

I think being in ETEC so far has helped me to appreciate how our instructors strategically use each web tool to help make our learning experiences dynamic, educational, and collaborative. Going from the campus-based program to the online program, I absolutely am thrilled that I'm able to complete my final year via distance learning technologies. It would not have been possible otherwise!

9/7/2011 06:43:47 pm

I feel the small group discussions may be one of the most important elements in an OL environment. If structured well, they can lead to a tremendous learning and a great exchange of ideas. I'm still waiting for the ability to conduct Collaborate sessions via my smartphone.

9/7/2011 06:44:47 pm

E-mail, blogs and tweets Oh my! It is interesting to see the shift in what online learning is. I remember how cool it was in high school that we had a workbook online. I though wow this really is the future! LOL. It seems silly now. Techniques, tools and resources have become so much more accessible and widely used. I might be wrong, I feel like the trend in e-learning is moving away from online workbooks to the incorporation and integration of numerous different kinds of tools, especially social networking. I do not know that much about how social networking sites can be used in education and am excited about the possibilities mostly because it is what the students like. I look forward to working with you this semester! Good luck to you in your pursuit of knowledge.

9/7/2011 11:49:35 pm

Hi Laureen,
I missed the first online meeting, but am looking forward to next week's one and meeting everyone. I watched the recording and wished I could have contributed to the discussion. I am looking forward to applying what we learn in class so I can develop an effective online and/or distance learning course curriculum for my university. I hope to try it out when I'm in Hawaii next year aiming for a PhD in ETEC. I'll be great to get insight from everyone and discuss the various communicative tools we have out there to make learning and teaching more effective and dare I say, more fun! Would love to discuss more with you about your experiences in the ETEC program as well!

9/9/2011 11:17:16 am

I totally agree, especially with the benefits of collaboration with students to learn more. There is always some type of intellectual stimulation that occurs when someone else sees a perspective that you never thought of before.

At my work place, the department I am in requires a lot of creative brainstorming sessions. When you have a lot of talented artistic people in one area, you are bound to conjure of many ideas. The goal is to disseminate all ideas on paper and filter through them to see what would be best. Art is subjective and people do not always agree, but eventually we compromise and come to 1 final decision. We would not be able to come up with outstanding ideas for marketing art designs if it not for several people putting their heads together.

In an online setting, it is no different except for the fact that some form of anonymity is present because the group is not f2f. Collaborative learning online is just as important.

9/9/2011 08:02:34 pm

Blogging looks to be a productive way to spread ideas around and to develop a similar depth of understanding amongst us all. Reading and thinking are the things we should end up being quite skilled at. Then follows conveying these ideas to the students we have and designing instruction to maximize their learning.

9/11/2011 12:13:53 pm

Hi Laureen,
Your portfolio website is very nice!
It's nice to collect all your blogs for each class in one place. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

9/11/2012 08:41:00 pm

Enormous information in one blog post, I just love it. I must appreciate and mention that you completely know how to keep connected reader to blog post even if it is little long. Very good job.

9/12/2012 05:53:16 am

Thanks for the comment! I am glad you enjoyed the posts.


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