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Tonight's class was fun! After taking care of a few things on the agenda, we split up into four different groups to critically evaluate It is a site which provides a storyline for you to interact with. You start by drawing a stickman and as the story unfolds, you are asked to draw other items to help the story progress. In the end, you can add a few comments of your own and share your animated story, with your drawings, via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter.

We discussed strengths, weaknesses, and the relevance to our weekly class topics. A key element in our discussion included the e-learning theory and design components that the site includes. The site has interactive, immersive, engaging, creative, and social networking aspects. These are important in any learning environment!

LOL, so I decided to draw a flower with grass and a bug instead of a stickman. Okay, okay, I'm a little strange but I was very curious to see how that would work. I couldn't help myself, ha ha. Someone was kind enough to say, "wow, that's great, you're thinking outside the box." In fact, I wasn't the only one who drew a flower, Macy did too! I was pleasantly surprised to see my flower come to life in the story!! Here's a picture...NO laughing. I will be the first to admit my artistic drawing skills needs serious help.    
10/4/2011 12:52:47 pm

Yes! Who knew we would be drawing stickmen in class! It was a very enlightening experience to look at the website beyond its surface. For what appears to be a simple website, it actually did a good job of addressing learner characteristics to make it interactive and enjoyable for probably everyone who visits the site! I think it's a great segway into our next project of creating a resource webpage. Good luck on your group project!

P.S. Thx again for the shout and your always-positive blog comments :)


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