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Wow! More than half of the semester is gone and we are now focusing on our final project for this course. Last week, a few of us had a virtual brainstorming session in Skype. We spent over 2 hours exchanging ideas, asking questions and giving feedback. At the start of the meeting, we all agreed that we were confused and concerned. At the end of the meeting, we all agreed that we had a better understanding of the project requirements and our project ideas. Once again, collaborative efforts produced a greater sum of knowledge. On our own, we struggled to make sense of things, however, when we came together to brainstorm, great things happened!

Each student had a chance to summarize their ideas in class tonight, while others provided feedback or asked questions. Personally, I find it helpful to verbally share my ideas with others. While thinking about ideas is a good thing, speaking out my ideas helps me sort through the good and bad with better clarity. I especially appreciate questions from others because it challenges me to strengthen my argument or make changes where necessary. Critical peer reviews is one of the best ways to make improvements. Thanks everyone!

Here's a fun video on collaboration, enjoy.

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