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As we near the final weeks of the semester, we begin a period of engrossed focus with final projects. Sigh, I am no different and find myself working on 3 different projects with a fretful panic, LOL. Okay, so the good news is, I am definitely acquiring new and relevant knowledge. The bad news...I struggle to keep my anxiety level from pushing me over the edge, haha. Alright, so maybe I am exaggerating a little but producing quality work can be a bit frenzied if I don't manage my time well. Thankfully, I have received great feedback on my 622 project. Now it's time to apply and execute.

Suddenly I feel like having a big bowl of ice cream...

How are the rest of you doing with your final projects? 

11/14/2011 12:08:03 pm

Hang in there, Laureen! Although I'm only taking two courses this semester, it's definitely been tough juggling them with looking for work and moving into a new place. I try to make time for ME time though, like take a break and watch my favorite show on Netflix for an hour, paint a picture, or do some yoga. I emphasize "try"! It's hard when you know you have deadlines. But let's face it, Laureen. You and I know that you are an excellent student and you will pull through and continue to amaze us all! You'll leave us wondering, "How does she do it?"

Jordan Day
11/17/2011 08:00:17 pm

Hey Laureen,
As Macy said, its the little daily breaks that get us through the tough times and brighten our otherwise busy and tiring days. For me its about the stress release through exercise and in turn it keeps me looking like a PE teacher who know what he's talking about! Two birds one stone.
I think you had it right when you mentioned the feedback we got on our project ideas. I really appreciated Dr. Bert's synthesis and Marisa's comments which critically gave me what I needed to hear for my project. As daunting as it may be, we remember to "breathe" and take a step back for a moment to remember that it's Do-able, and we a re capable!
Hang in there, you are a model for us all.


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