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My narrated video assignment is complete, whew! I decided to do a short instructional video on creating a Wiggio account and starting a group folder. Jing is an easy to use tool. Immediately after recording my video, I was able to upload to Screencast for public viewing. I decided to write out a script for the instruction and rehearsed a few times before recording. I used a headset to filter out any background noise and timed myself to make sure I did not go over the three minutes we were allowed. Everything was going well until the Shave Ice truck decided to drive by my house with very loud music, LOL!! The music was so loud and could be heard, faintly, in my recording. I had to run through the recording again. The only problem was, I kept tripping over my tongue and ended up doing several more takes. Next time, I'll shut my windows, just in case! Here is the link to my recording - 
9/27/2011 08:55:43 pm

Laureen your verbal directives sound so natural and concise. Great Job! A very useful site and tool for our collaborating online.

9/28/2011 10:54:20 am

Hey Laureen! I understand what you're saying! I lost count of how many times I had to stop and re-record my tutorial because of me or some kind of background noise! LOL It is defn a time-intensive endeavor!

The experience brings up the article by Winslow, "Screen Capture Tutorial Design for Preservice Educators." Is the time invested worth to achieve learning outcomes? I think so! It's a lot of work but learners get a lot of educational value from it. I think it would be cool to add closed captioning too for our hearing-impaired folks.

9/29/2011 07:42:36 pm

I had a similar issue, though not as funny as the shave ice truck. I told everyone in the house that I was recording, I closed my door, my windows. Each time I attempted to record something someone in the house would yell my name or someone would knock on the door. Of course, they were just trying to see if I wanted dinner or let me know my phone was ringing but it was driving me crazy! I finally go through it after a few strongly worded requests to everyone in the house. I love my housemates!
This experience reminded me of how we have to be patient and ready to adjust to all kinds of situations in the classroom. There can be so many distractions and we just have to keep our students on task and get through the material.


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