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Having a collection of resources is important in any field and is essential where distance education is concerned. Each group had an assigned category. Our team gathered resources on web-based content. This process prompts you to consider how each resource can be effectively utilized in your instructional strategy. An aha moment for me was realizing that each tool, when considered strategically, may actually be used differently in various teaching and learning contexts. The diversity of instructional tools is dependent on creatively meeting the needs of your students. Moreover, emerging technologies challenges us to consider new tools and new strategies on a regular basis. Besides learning about a bunch of great tools, I was also reminded that tools are just It is our responsibility to implement them in a way that encourages meaningful learning experiences!

Here is the link to my teams website of resources. ETEC 622 Web-Based Content.
10/12/2011 06:06:26 am

Nice group webpage Laureen! You guys did a good job!


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